CoVal is a repository of amino acid replacement mutations identified in the SARS-CoV-2 genome sequences, mapped onto the cryo-EM derived protein structures. We provide information on the demographic distribution of these mutations, and report co-occuring mutations. Upon mapping these mutations, we inspect the mutation site for its structural interactions and neighbors. We further provide various validation scores for global quality of the structures, and the local quality of mutation site(s) and the structural neighbors.

Mutations in SARS-CoV2

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Spike N501Y
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Nsp12 P323L
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Nuc-prot R203K
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Nuc-prot G204R
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ORF3a Q57H
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Spike A222V
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Spike S477N
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Spike N439K
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Spike E583Q
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Spike E484K

  • UK variant Spike mutations (N501Y,A570D,P681H,T716I,S982A,D1118H)

  • UK Spike mutation (N501Y)
  • UK Spike mutation site N501Y in structure bound to ACE2 receptor
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    Last update 2021-01-13 using GISAID version: hcov-19-2021-01-08

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